Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Sacred Literature of Fresh Tomato Deliciousness

Pinch a foodie, a food lover, a gourmet, a gourmand, epicurean, connoisseur, or any sentient being during high summer and you are likely to find someone who is passionately fond of fresh tomatoes.  For those who write, after they've finished their first few Tomato-paloozas, they will have an overwhelming urge to share.  We all benefit.

Today's entry into The Sacred Literature of Fresh Tomato Deliciousness is "The greatest five-minute tomato pasta" from Francis Lam, a senior writer at


Joshua said...

At least for those who are in Italy during the summer what you say is pure gold.

sage said...

That recipe is really quite awesome, although I tweaked it by using kale and basil instead of arugula and used a shaved garlic clove in addition to the onion. :)