Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Tiny Peugeot Pepper Mill Ends Traveler's Tasteless Black Pepper Dust Misery

Tasteless Black Pepper Dust is one of the lesser miseries of a frequent traveler.  On a room service breakfast before the caffeine kicks in, or in an airport where flavor is hard to find, Black Pepper Dust is one more reminder that you are away from the comforts of home.

For me, the Last Black Pepper Dust was on an otherwise excellent Southwestern Omelet at the San Pedro (CA) Crowne Plaza. While I am sure that one of the helpful servers would have found a pepper mill, I was not sufficiently caffeinated to make the request. 

Problem Solved:  I am now the proud owner of a Peugeot Reims 4-inch Pocket Stainless Steel Pepper Mill. It comes with a pouch. It will travel with me tomorrow as I head out to the U of Iowa College of Law for a Pass the Baton "Professionalism Has Attached" presentation.


Janet Amaral said...

I would love to have one of these and can't find one. Help.

Susan Gainen said...

Janet -- I looked on the web and couldn't find one. Try Ebay or contact Peugeot directly.